Clarissa Reyna (she/her) is an artist and Graphic Designer from the very south of Texas (McAllen, TX). She has recently made her way to the east coast and now resides in Upstate New York.
She spends most of her energy on creating Digital Media and enjoys exploring Digital Photography in her free time.
In the Spring of 2021, Clarissa graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) with a Bachelor's Degree in Art & a concentration in Graphic Design. 
Artist Statement

I find myself comforted by the ability to express myself and make visions and ideas become a reality. In my work, I find it important to create for the individual, but to also hold myself to a certain standard about the type of projects that will genuinely bring me joy to make.
My goal in making anything is to invoke feelings in the viewer, whether that’s happiness, humor or even confusion. I encourage others to figure out what it is about my work that they enjoy, and perhaps even what they do not. I am content with the idea that I will always have more to learn and that there is, and always will be, room for growth.
My inspiration stems from the things around me in my daily life; my peers, my friends and my family. The conversations that I hold with people are what I channel into my design work, it is how every concept and idea is formulated. I enjoy working as though I am looking through another set of eyes or with the mind of another. I have found that working in this manner opens up tunnels of creativity and leaves it up to me, the designer, to decide which step and direction to take next.
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